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Hung Thinh Clinic 380 xa dan dong da ha noi

Review of Hung Thinh General Medical Center 380, Dong Da Commune, Hanoi, the most prestigious quality, In addition to the name Hung Thinh medical facility, you can also call it with a name like Hung Thinh male specialist clinic Usually, Hung Thinh Gynecology Medical Center is fine. In recent days, many people in Hanoi and the northern provinces have come to Hung Thinh General Medical Center to examine and treat diseases. That makes many people wonder if this clinic is really reputable? Is the reputation of Hung Thinh General Medical Center good? The cost of treatment is reasonable… These issues will be clarified in the following article.

Review of Hung Thinh General Medical Center is good?
Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung (Cau Giay) shared:

At first, I also doubted the quality of Hung Thinh clinic and hesitated many times to come here to treat blocked fallopian tubes, but I was noted by a close friend who needed me to decide to choose a clinic for treatment.

When I came here, I was really surprised because not only the staff, nurses but also the doctors were very enthusiastic and approachable. The doctor answered me a lot and advised me to choose a new therapy to get an effective treatment, minimizing the risks. Having undergone a small surgery for a much cheaper fee than other medical treatment areas that I have studied, my disease has been completely cured and now I go on to have my second grandchild, I am really grateful to the experts at Hung Thinh General Medical Center.

Ms. Bui Thi Hanh from Vinh Phuc also said:

When I read a lot of knowledge about Hung Thinh clinic, I was also very stressed, I went to a medical facility and checked before doing treatment for cervicitis. If it doesn't appear fine, I will go to another area, but when I come here, I am completely convinced by the expertise of the experts, just need to visit and the experts know my condition. and prescribed antibiotics for me.

with the cost of buying antibiotics for 540,000 VND (including 2 times) used for 2 weeks, I have seen my symptoms completely disappear and the disease is completely cured. I feel very happy and recommend a part of my friends to come here to treat the disease, which also gives a pretty quick cure. I affirm that the reputation of medical treatment here is extremely good, unlike all cases, I am quite grateful to the doctors at Hung Thinh medical facility.

Ms. Le Minh Minh (Phu Tho - working in Dong Da, Hanoi) shared more:

I have female infertility and have been to many places for treatment for the past 2 years without any results. One time I went to a meeting and heard a friend introduce the Hung Thinh general medical facility capable of treating infertility. The medical center was very close to where I was born, so I decided to come here for treatment.

After nearly 1 month of treatment, I still did not have any symptoms, I was really sad and discouraged, but the experts always encouraged and advised me to avoid discouragement. I continued to do treatment, until the end of the second month, happiness once smiled at me, I was pregnant with the first child, me and my husband were quite happy and wise.

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