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A nice trip in Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An Vietnam is one of the top Vietnam attractions. It’s famous for not only the amazing beach, great resorts but for its well-preserved Ancient Town. This is the sharing of TUN about her trip to Hoi An. After a long night, I put the first step on Hoi An at 7 a.m. What the great weather! There has just been early rain so it was cool and not shiny here.
Right when I went out of the bus, I was impressed by the friendliness of local people here. Even though my friend and I did not intend to ask about the way to Hai Ba Trung street, one person who is picking her relatives in the bus station enthusiastically showed the way to us “it’s very near, first go straight ahead to the crossroad then you can see Hai Ba Trung street”. We said thank you and felt the friendliness of Hoi An people.

We found the hotel in Hoi An that we had booked before coming here, put our luggage into our room and went out to visit the Old Street. We asked the receptionist whether he sold maps or not and he gave us the name card of the hotel on which there was a small map. We visited around following that small map.
Because we need to be full of energy before a long journey, we went around finding out some famous dishes that were introduced by the tourists coming here before. Every tourist who comes to visit Hoi An Vietnam should not skip the 2 famous specialties which are Cao Lau and My Quang. We decided to have My Quang first in a small restaurant locating at the three- way crossroad between Tran Cao Van Street and Thai Phien Street. To be honest, I don’t like My Quang very much because of my first bad impression with this kind of food when I tried it in Sai Gon. However, when the restaurant owner brought 2 bowls of My Quang to us, they looked so attractive. Especially, there were also vegetables in My Quang and I liked this very much. We started to eat and we immediately became impressed with it because it was so delicious and totally different from the taste that we used to try in Sai Gon. After having those two bowls, we still wanted to have more but we felt quite full. Therefore, we intended to have some more in that late afternoon.

While we were eating, we asked local people the way to the Old Street and she was also a very friendly local woman. After eating, we paid for the 2 bowls of My Quang and once again we felt so surprised because each bowl cost only 10.000 VND (0.5US$). It was so cheap in comparative with other places.
Next, we went to the Ancient Town following the guide of the old woman eating in the same restaurant. We got to know that everything on this street was “old”, from restaurants to souvenir stores, from committee office to airline ticket office. All the signs and doors were made of wood and the walls were painted light yellow – the nostalgic color. Especially, in front of each house, there were beautiful pergola called dodder which made the house become nicer.

There was a river laying between two parts of the Ancient Town and across the river locating a famous bridge in Hoi An called Cau Chua (The Japanese Covered Bridge or Pagoda Bridge). This bridge has some special features of Japanese architecture. We had to buy a 45,000 VND ticket for visiting 4 places inside and we thought that it was quite cheap for a national famous tourist attraction. At noon, we decided to have lunch with Chicken rice- a well-known specialty here. Following the address written in our hand book, we finally found the Ba Buoi chicken rice restaurant on Phan Chau Trinh Street. This restaurant was recommended by many women on – a famous forum of women in Vietnam. We were served 2 hot dishes of chicken rice, they looked so delicious and the price was also very reasonable, only 25,000 VND for one dish.

After having lunch, we came back to our hotel to have a short nap and then we rented a bike to ride to Tra Que vegetable village. Because it was a little far from our hotel so we couldn’t walk and the cost for renting that bike was 20,000 VND. We intended to pay the money before going but the bike owner said that he would get the money when we came back. In addition, we did not have to pay for the mortgage money because the bike owner believed that the bike wouldn’t be stolen. Unluckily, because we came there at noon so we could not see local people cutting vegetables. Tra Que vegetable are especially delicious, the taste was also different from that in other places. Perhaps the local soil here creates this special taste.

Next, we visited Thanh Ha pottery village. This destination was quite far so it took us such a long time to get there. Then, we visited the Old street one more time to enjoy Cao Lau- the specialty that you should not miss when visiting Hoi An before leaving Hoi An to come back to Nha Trang. Leaving this tourist attraction, we promised to come back here on the full moon day- the most interesting day that local people sing and dance national songs, drop flower lanterns on the Old street. Especially, on that day, the Old Street will be full of lanterns and no electric lights.